DANCE 365 – Entry #34 “Sesame Street brings a rapping and dancing Elmo to the Wendy Williams Show to bust a hip-hop move!”

Love her or hate her, Wendy Williams has become a staple in the talk show game and has A-list celebrities joining her to publicize everything from books to movies and much more. Elmo recently stopped by to perform a little song and dance for Wendy and brought back up dancers to hype up the audience. In a dedicated song and dance routine for Wendy, Elmo showed off a few body rolls and got his groove on with his dancers. Nothing can top this enhanced autotune version of Wendy’s signature phrase through the chorus of, “How you doin’?” Sesame Street has always had entertaining performances but this one definitely tops my 2010 so far. This shows how integrated hip-hop has become.

Check out this clip HERE


Dance 365 – Entry #33 “Pixie Lott – Singer and Dancer?”

Check out Pixie Lott, a UK singer with amazing pipes. She’s also got a few dance moves in her latest video “Cry Me Out.” Check it out the video directed by Jake Nava HERE! Cool song to put some 8-counts to for class.

For more on Pixie go to PixieLott.com


Dance 365 – Entry # 32 “Life After SYTYCDC” Article

Check out the article featuring interviews with Sandra Colton and Mia Michaels in the Dec. 18th Montreal Gazette newspaper HERE!

Dance 365 – Entry #31 “Nigel Lythgoe corrects tapper revelation on finale of SYTYCD”

On last night’s Season 6 finale of FOX’s SYTYCD, executive producer Nigel Lythgoe came clean and corrected his earlier claim that and I’m paraphrasing…”the first time we’ve had tap dancers on the show.”

Check out the clip HERE around 4:37 into this long YouTube clip of the highlighted routines from last night’s finale episode.

I’m glad that he acknowledged me as the first tap dancer on the show and also continued to move dance forward by giving it the light it so deserves by showcasing the three tap dancers from Season 6.


DANCE 365 – Entry #30 “Adam Lambert spices up AMAs”

Singers, dancers and a whole lot of grinding, pumping and thrusting on the 2009 American Music Awards. And none of the grinding, pulsing or crotch grabbing was done by Michael Jackson. Michael did come away with four awards though. Adam Lambert whips in hand, pulled dancers crawling on the floor, drug one across the floor, fondled a pole dancer and managed to trip up stairs to include a kiss with a male band mate. Yes, one eventful ride on the roller coaster of a performance that was Mr. Runner Up on American Idol, Adam Lambert. He did a little much for the viewers to handle but in my opinion, he did exactly what any great performer does, he put on a great show that had everyone talking. They were talking on blogs, forums, television and around the world he created instant buzz! Adam Lambert may have offended a few but he got the world to notice. Nice work! His performance isn’t for everyone in entertainment. Those who would like to be on Disney may not want to go this route but for someone who dares to tango with that fine line he is choosing to walk, I am a fan!


Dance 365 – Entry #29 “BOOK ME! AVAILABLE TODAY!”

This is a great day as I’ve been working on this book for a year and am so excited that it is finally out! Check it out on Shop.SandraColton.com or Amazon.com.


Dance 365 – Entry #28 “The Winger Likes ‘BOOK ME!’

Miami City Ballet Principal Dancer, Alex Wong, praises Sandra’s new book, “BOOK ME!” on http://www.TheWinger.com! Check out the link HERE!